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The Observ 520 is a diagnostic  imaging device which visualizes your total skin condition including the underlying “invisible” layers, skin layers, skin structures, and patterns. The Observ software provides you and your patients with:

  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Automatic session capturing
  • Full face imaging
  • Air-print reports
  • Session notes
  • Integrated client database
  • Wireless control of the OBSERV 520 

Show your clients these hidden skin conditions through 6 bespoke observation modes:

1.Daylight: “Clinical evaluation” The skin as seen in a controlled natural daylight environment.

2. True UV: “Fluorescence skin analysis.” Skin abnormalities on the skin’s surface or in deeper skin layers’s create distinguishable fluorescence patterns and stand out from surrounding healthy skin.

3. Simulated Woods’s Light: “A modernized classic” The light dermatologists and skin therapists are familiar with. By adjusting the spectrum the distribution of skin secretions is revealed in colour. 

4. Parallel Polarization: “Show the surface texture.” An enhanced view of the skin’s surface; fine lines, micro relief, wrinkles, texture and pores.

5. Cross Polarization: “Look into the skin.” With the skin’s surface shine suppressed, obtain an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammations, and pigmentation. 

6. Complexion Analysis: “Irregularities revealed.” The complexion analysis reveals inhomogeneities
in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations. A homogeneous complexion is the fundament of beauty.